Tantrum Mezcalar

Tantrum Mezcalar (guitar/bass)
Meaning: Fit of rage under the influence of mescalin.

In ancient cultures mescalin intoxication was used in order to achieve liberating & redeeming visions in which the warrior could learn his secret warrior name & the magical name of his guardian spirit.
He grew up in the former walled city of Berlin and decided early on to go to the dark side of music. After the usual experiences wandering about the Berliner metal bands he went off to London. Through various connections to Motörhead´s management Doug Smith, he had many opportunities to prove his musical abilities. Meanwhile he made a name for himself as a guitarist and producer.
After returning to Berlin he worked on his own studio projects. In a typical WW II Berlin bunker in which many bands have practice rooms he met singer Misanthrop. After just one rehearsal together it was immediately clear that a new kind of pure energy had assaulted the two Meter thick concrete walls.