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Element of Truth

Lyric: Misanthrop ©Fat Mattress Publishing

Howling banshees, screeching ghouls
Spirits of anger and despair
Undead swarming place of death
Headless zombies roaming inside
Endless path
Eternal downfall

Call me god of death or life

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Diagnose: Wahnsinn

Lyric: Misanthrop ©Fat Mattress Publishing

In deiner Seele klaffen tief die Schnitte
Gestützt von einem Netz aus Trug und Lügen
In dem perversen Märchen um Erlösung
In Demut und Selbstverachtung

Verstärkung deiner Ängste
Das Sterben freier Sinne

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Asylum of Faith

Lyric: Mezcalar ©Fat Mattress Publishing

The land of dust and hate

Beyond the pale of the gates of the grave
You find the mark of believing
And by the pain and the grip of the demon
Fly the flag of the risen

Take to the core and the master of evil

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