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take a socially critical position, hostile towards all manipulative ideologies which seek to achive a superficial, conformist, consumer society.
As the name HOAX BANE suggests, their lyrics deal with the great lies of mankind ́s history. Today the conspiracy of the mass media is fast replacing the influence & functions of religion.
Their ideology rejects generally proclaimed values but promotes individual thought and encourages not following like lemmings but instead to question social norms and indeed much of mankind ́s past. HOAX BANE ́S expression is inevitably a roar of contempt.
Through intensive studio work (with, amongst others Andy Classen `Stage-One-Studio ́) the apocalyptic visions are hammered out until they represent the author ́s concept 100%. In doing so HOAX BANE value clear musical structures aswell as a powerful, transparent sound in which the vocals are the central element.
For both of these exceptional artists the music is their purpose and their passion. The philosophy that they express is carried into their everyday life.
HOAX BANE are not afraid of using contemporary technology for their musical purposes. Through the uncompromising `live ́ implementation of their music HOAX BANE are creating new standards in flexibility & strength. For the unorthodox  ́live`performances the duo has produced special multitrack versions of their songs which, used together with an ingenious control system of footboards & laptops blast the limitations of the usual, conservative band concept.HoaxBane
Innovatives Extrem-Metal Duo aus Berlin

"The Greatest Hoax of Mankind; Religion"

Live Rituals Philosophy

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