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Metal Only Review

Band: HoaxBane (D)

Genre: Black Metal / Extreme Metal
Label: Mighty Music

Album Titel: Messengers Of Change
Spielzeit: 38:00

VÖ: 27.11.2015
Bemerkt habe ich es erst, als ich beim Erstellen der Review das Lineup reinschrieb. Die haben ja gar keinen Schlagzeuger mit richtigem Schlagzeug, sondern "programming". Aber ganz ehrlich, gemerkt habe ich das während des Hörens nicht. Was nur wieder ein Beleg dafür ist, dass ein (ordentlicher und vernünftig programmierter) Drumcomputer kein Grund ist, eine Band von vorneherein abzulehnen.

Review DutchMetalManiac

DutchMetalManiac Review: Hoaxbane - Messengers Of Change

Hoaxbane is a black metal duo from Berlin, Germany. Now starting this album I had doubts about the amount of black metal essentials that modern black metal bands have. The first track has a more slow-ish start to it, but further on it pushes a true black metal vibe. And there you can see the full brilliance of the band. They know how to combine faster and slower sections to sound good and like real black metal.

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Review Power Play

I have to admit that my instinct was to hate HoaxBane - a two-piece backed by a drum machine, black metal with slick, modern production; on paper it´s the stuff I have nightmares about. However, the duo of Misanthrop (vocals) and Tantrum-Mezcalar (everything else) have taken the time to carefully craft these songs, the attention to detail being more than evident.

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