I have to admit that my instinct was to hate HoaxBane - a two-piece backed by a drum machine, black metal with slick, modern production; on paper it´s the stuff I have nightmares about. However, the duo of Misanthrop (vocals) and Tantrum-Mezcalar (everything else) have taken the time to carefully craft these songs, the attention to detail being more than evident.

The guitar sound is so rich and crisp that it covers the shortcomings of the clinical drum programming - and those drums are still a shortcoming they could definitely have done without. Despite the modern trappings, a lot of the riffs here are pretty traditional and if you can overcome the instant prejudices, as I had to do, there´s a very solid, black hearted album lurking beneath that shiny shell. Surprisingly strong and well worth a listen.
Power Points: 7/10