DutchMetalManiac Review: Hoaxbane - Messengers Of Change

Hoaxbane is a black metal duo from Berlin, Germany. Now starting this album I had doubts about the amount of black metal essentials that modern black metal bands have. The first track has a more slow-ish start to it, but further on it pushes a true black metal vibe. And there you can see the full brilliance of the band. They know how to combine faster and slower sections to sound good and like real black metal.

The one of the things I have found a little bit ear tearing is the amount of triggering on the bass drum. As a musician I know you NEED triggers to be able to hear the bass drum over high tempos, but here like many modern recording the treble on the triggers and the sensitivity is way too high, in some instances you can really know what is the bass drum and what is the snare. But then again, I am only a listener with a little experience in recording, and this is a thing that I would like to stop in the nearest future.

Back to the album. The songs that follow the intro song are also diverse in tempo and tone. Some of the songs venture into Immortal territory of song structures with fast paces and dissonant distorted guitars.

One of the things I really like is the mixing of the vocals. The vocals are really good. The vocalist knows what he is doing, and that is rare. The mixing of the vocals in the album makes it even better.

The album is great and actually surprisingly a real black metal album today. If I get another album from these guys I will review it very happily.

Written by Nikola Milošević